The Reserve Unit of the Escalon Fire District provides a trained staffing resource to assist in the control & extinguishment of fires and the saving of lives and property.

Reserves assist full time staff in prevention & public education activities and any other department functions. Reserves participate with training and experience in the fire service.  The Reserve Fire Fighter program differs from the traditional Volunteer Fire Fighter program and functions.

The purpose of the reserve firefighters program is to  provide  training & experience to individuals seeking a career in the fire service  while providing additional staffing at a minimum cost. Reserve Fire Fighters operate as an adjunct force to the on duty paid staff.

Application Requirements

To be eligible for this position all applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have successfully completed a recognized Fire Fighter 1 academy and be in possession of a certificate of completion. When vacancies occur applications on file will be reviewed and the testing process will begin. Interviews and background investigations will be conducted on all candidates. All candidates must successfully complete a physical agility course provided by the district.                    

At the time of acceptance into the reserve program, each candidate will  participate in a 12 hour Reserve Fire Fighter Safety Orientation over a three week period which includes two 3 hour evening classes and one 6 hour day session on a weekend. These classes teach each candidate basic safety skills required and provide them specific information on district equipment and operating procedures.  Each applicant must be in good health and of good moral character and be able to pass the physical agility exam and interview process.

Reserve applications can be obtained at the Escalon Fire District office at station 1, 1749 Coley Ave. Escalon, CA  95320 during regular business hours.

Escalon Fire District Office
1749 Coley Ave.
Escalon, CA  95320 

Reserve Firefighter Program