The Escalon Police department was first formed as the Escalon Police District in 1939.  When the city was incorporated in 1957, the "police district" was dissolved and the Escalon Police Department was formed.

The Escalon Police department provides round the clock police services for the City of Escalon which encompasses an approximate area of 2.5 square miles and serves a population of slightly more than 7,000 people. Additionally there are 2 police explorer scouts-cadets and fourteen active retired senior patrol volunteers.

The Escalon Police Department has 15 full-time employees, as well as volunteers who serve in the capacity of Reserve Officers, Cadets, and the Escalon Senior patrol.  The support personnel consists of an animal control officer, community services officer and records manager/ supervisor.

Escalon, California  Police Department, 2040 McHenry Ave. Escalon, CA 95320  (209) 838-7093

(Courtesy of City of Escalon website)

"To strive to achieve a partnership with the public, a high quality of life and a safe community by providing dedicated, professional service".
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