Escalon, CA is located in San Joaquin County in northern California, 75 miles east of San Francisco, an equal distance from the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains and 50 miles south of the state capitol of Sacramento. 

The county population is approximately 523,000 people with the majority, 245,000, living in the county seat of Stockton.

In addition to Stockton, there are another six incorporated cities including Lodi, Manteca, Tracy, Ripon, Escalon, Linden and Lathrop.

There are 1400 square miles of land in San Joaquin County, of which 783,715 acres are used for agriculture.

Temperatures range from the January average of 53 degrees to the July average of 93 degrees. The average rainfall is 12 inches a year.

Escalon, San Joaquin County, California
-City: Escalon
-County: San Joaquin
-State: California
-Population approximately 7,131 (2007).
-Approximate number of families is 2,132 (2000).
-Male: 2937   Female: 3026
-Median Age: 35.5
-Average Household Size: 2.89
-Average Family Size: 3.31
-Land area in Escalon is approximately 2.0 sq. miles.

Escalon Consolidated Fire Protection District boundary map as of November,  2001.