Special thanks to the late Sergeant Angelo Dugo of the Escalon Police Department for these photos and historical information
from his personal collection.  Also, Jim Payne for additional historical information.
Lester Prater, Chief Don Stewart and police dog Annie.  According to Angelo Dugo, Annie was believed to be the second police dog in the State of California.  The first was 'Sgt" also with the Escalon PD. This photo was taken in either 1954 or 55.
Sgt. Angelo Dugo and 1960 Ford patrol car. 

Andy Griffith's patrol car in Mayberry?   Not quite.  This is the Escalon Police patrol car in 1960 after a rare snow fall in the City.
The department purchased it's first patrol car in the early 50's from local Ford dealer R.C. Stevens. L-R  Officer Tom Bailey; City Councilman  John Wright;  R.C. Stevens;  City Councilmen Adolph Swanson and Merral Clark and Chief Joe Korman. 
L-R  standing  Jim Black, City Administrator John McCloud, Chief Don Stewart. Front row Angelo Dugo, Annie the police dog and Robert McCann.
In the late 50's or early 60's the City Police Dept. invited citizens to submit ideas for a new police department badge.   Several entries were received including this winning entry from a young lady in Farmington.  The department used this design until a recent change. 

This photo of the City was taken in 1920 looking NW. The population of the City at the time was 1200 people.  The ATSF station is in the foreground
Six Escalon PD officers are shown in this May 1984 photo.  L-R Pat Carter, Bob Stillwell, Dave Beary, Jim Payne, Angelo Dugo and Chief Jim Black.
The police department often assists other police agencies with incidents outside the city limits.  Here the EPD officers assist the CHP's investigation of the train vs. auto fatal accident at a crossing near Farmington in 1960. 
EPD did not have to go far to get to this accident in 1940 at the corner of McHenry and Hwy 120.